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Diptyque Do Son
3min of reading

diptyque is a brand of storytelling. Each perfume tells a memory, a journey, an inspiration. And it is first of all in the drawings on the labels of the perfumes, originally drawn by the hand of the founders, that this story takes shape.

The perfume Do Son is the story of a memory of Yves Coueslant, one of the three founders of the brand. As a child, he spent his summers by the sea, in the pagodon his father had built in Do Son.

Far from the muggy heat of the great port of Haiphong, the air was cooler. The sea breeze carried with it the intoxicating and sweetly spicy scent of tuberose.

The Do Son fragrance has the delicacy and persistence of a memory of Vietnam

Exhibition proposed to diptyque to embody this story in a contemporary way through a book of art photographs and drawings by the British artist Tim Walker.

These still lifes are real paintings. Each image was first imagined in collaboration with his set designer and we see in the book their preparatory sketches.

Originally a fashion photographer, Tim Walker brings his whimsical and singular vision to Do Son's story.

Beyond the book, Exhibition collective has developed a 360 communication plan with an event website whose pages turn like a book, and social media and store visuals.