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Isabelle Constant
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What’s the story behind your name ?

My dad’s name is Ludovic de Saint Sernin and he wanted me to have the same initials as him: “LdSS” so he named me Louis de Saint Sernin. Very French and very chic like him!

Do you consider yourself beautiful ?

I mean, everyone tells me that I’m really, really pretty all the time! So I have no other option but to believe it.

Beauty routine ?

My dad brushes my hair every week to keep my fur shiny and healthy and he also takes me to the dog spa every two months. I have a looooot of hair so keeping it pretty takes time and dedication.

Your childhood icon ?

Growing up I always looked up to Choupette Lagerfeld. She’s an icon! She was a muse to her designer daddy just like I’m a muse to mine. Maybe one day I’ll be as famous as her.

A memory from your first fashion week ?

During Fashion Week my dads are really, really busy, so I go and stay at my other house, with my adoptive parents Carlijn and Imruh. I’m really lucky like that. I have two houses and four parents. It’s a very modern family, and I love it. I get treated like a prince everywhere I go. So during fashion week I’m with them going on set and hanging out with talented people and beautiful models. I somehow always manage to get in the picture and become part of the shoot. Carlijn can’t help it! She loves to take my picture. She even had me published in System Magazine. I guess I’m also her muse.

What advice would you give to your younger puppy self ?

I would tell my younger self to not eat all of my dad’s expensive books. I think, looking back at it, it wasn’t such a good idea. My dad had to throw them all out because they don’t look good in our living room any more. Sorry dad! Good thing is I learned to not do that anymore.

"Everyone tells me that I’m really, really pretty all the time!"

Your fashion crush at the moment ?

I’m currently into Dimitri DeeDee Volkov, Lotta Volkova’s poodle. I think if we were to meet we would really love each other as we have very similar lifestyles. I love his Instagram where he shows all the different looks he wears. He makes me want to go shopping! We also go to the same spa but we’ve never run into each other. Maybe one day you’ll see us hanging out on his Instagram.

The person you think is the best dressed ?

My dad, Ludovic, dresses really well. I love the looks we get from people when we walk down the street together. Sometimes he wears all beige to match the color of my fur. I love it when he does that, we really look like each other.

Your favourite address to shake out your fur ?

I live in the Marais, so every time I go out I make sure that I look my best. You have to keep up with all the other fancy dogs in the Marais. We all go hang out at the Square Georges Cain, it’s the perfect spot to show off your new haircut and get to know all the pretty boys and girls. My favorite thing is to go there on Sundays and just run around, especially on a sunny day.

Are you more long-hair or short?

Long hair forever! Long hair is harder to keep up but definitely prettier and worth the work.

The music that you love the most ?

I like music but not too loud ! I don’t think I have a song that makes me crazy! I prefer to be calm. When I stay alone at home my dad leaves classical music on so I don’t get distracted with noises from the outside and I can relax and sleep in peace.

A bit of advice for a sexy attitude ?

Nose up ! Little steps and always wave your tail.

Do you have a lot of secrets ? And Ludovic, what about him ?

So many secrets that I would never tell ;)

Does it ever happen that you don’t agree with him ?

My dad Ludovic and I are mostly always on the same page. He really lets me do whatever I want. If I get in trouble it’s my Spanish dad Ignacio who calls me out. He keeps me in check, and tries to control my attitude. If I hear him speak in Spanish with a loud voice I know I’m in trouble.

Are you a creature of the night ?

Absolutely not ! I need my beauty sleep, 8 hours minimum. As soon as it gets dark I retire to my bedroom, get into my bed and I let my parents know that it’s time to be silent so I can go to sleep.

A place you like to rest and relax ?

Nothing like taking a nice nap on my dads’ white couch. It’s truly really comfortable. Especially if I can cuddle with my daddies at the same time. I’m really needy and I need a lot of cuddles and physical affection all the time.

Were you already popular at a young age ?

I was born in Normandy and when I was three months old I moved to Paris! As soon as I arrived I realized that my dad was well known in Paris. He gets stopped in the street a lot and when that happens we have to be super polite and graceful. So I guess I’ve been really popular since the beginning, yes. A lot of people I meet already know my name before I introduce myself.

Does being a celebrity excite you ?

I love meeting and hanging out with my fans but I get a bit nervous if I’m surrounded by too many people! I can easily get in a bad mood if there’s a lot of people trying to get my attention. Especially when I’m on set, which happens a lot, so if there’ll be too many people wherever my daddies are going sometimes I prefer to stay at home in a peaceful environment.

Do you think that social networks are a “necessary evil” ?

I’m not on social media myself. I’m too busy doing puppy things. My dads take care of my online presence for me. I know every time they post me they get a lot of nice comments and messages. I guess people really love to see me and keep up with my fabulous lifestyle.

Are you bothered by rumours ?

Not really. When you’re famous like me, people talk a lot but it doesn’t actually affect me. I’ve learned to embrace it. As long as they are talking!


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